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The OFFICErING Network

Most Reliable Phone Service At The Best Prices.

Carrier Class IP Network

RateTel’s carrier class tier 1 network provides unparalleled performance when connecting your calls. Having enjoyed 0% downtime since its inception, you can trust that it will always be there when you need it.Other providers can only claim to have the reliability that OFFICErING offers. In truth, their networks are a patch work of low quality, discount carriers and service providers. They make promises they can’t keep, while luring you into term contracts that are costly to get out from under. This is why OFFICErING believes that you should only stay for as long as you’re satisfied. No contracts. No term commitments. Let other providers make all the claims they want, we believe the proof is in the network.

4 Major switching hubs

RateTel’s award winning service is anchored by 4 major switching hubs around the world. These hubs are located on both US coasts, Europe, and Asia. Using these hubs, calls are intelligently routed through the lowest latency routes guaranteeing the highest call quality available in the industry.RateTel plans to expand these hubs to include South America, the Middle East, and Africa. This means that wherever you originate or terminate your calls in the world, they’ll be highly optimized to give you the best in class service we pride ourselves on.

Redundant Cloud architecture

In today’s ever evolving technology environment, companies that fail to innovate fail to survive. The days of building out networks that take time to scale or provide few levels of fault tolerance are a thing of the past. From it’s inception, the OFFICErING network has lived in the cloud. It was developed from the ground up to leverage the unique features that only the cloud can provide.Agile, scalable, and highly redundant make up the cornerstones of the OFFICErING network. Unlimited computing power, bandwidth, and storage allow us to deliver an unrivaled quality of service to our customers. Whenever they need more, we always have it on hand anywhere in the world.

100% uptime self healing

Since day one, the OFFICErING network has seen 0 downtime. It’s always been available everywhere. Due to it’s cloud architecture, systems that comprise the OFFICErING network have self healing ingrained into their DNA. 24x7x365 sub-second monitoring by our network operations center guarantees that even the smallest anomalies are dealt with immediately.Problems do arise with any technology. However, we believe that running a network that heals itself before any customer impact is felt, is one of the greatest advantages that we offer our customers.

Latency optimized routing

Most providers purchase multiple points of access for their networks to deliver redundancy. They also employ what are known as “least cost routing” (LCR) engines in their network fabric to maximize their profits by delivering your calls across the routes that cost them the least. What this means for their customers is basically a virtual craps shoot as to what their call quality on any given call will be.Additionally, they do not employ what is known as “latency based routing”(LBR). LBR is the constant analysis of a provider’s routes to determine which route will provide the lowest latency and best call quality for a call it is delivering. At RateTel, we view LBR as a duty, not an option. Although we too employ LCR in our switching fabric, it is superceded by LBR checks on every single call that you make through the OFFICErING network. To us, LCR is a way to keep down costs that we pass on to our customers, but not at the cost of lower call quality.

Highest call quality available

With it’s tier 1 carrier network and aggressive latency based routing, all calls on the OFFICErING network always supercede the industry norms.Many companies will force you into compressed codecs to minimize their bandwidth costs, but ultimately to fatten their bottom lines. They’ll deliver your calls over budget carriers and service providers without caring how it effects their customers. VoIP is very sensitive to latency. Latency is evident with every hop that data travels through to reach it’s destination. In laymen’s terms… “the shorter the distance, the higher the quality of call”. At RateTel, no matter what your choice of codec, no matter where your calls originate or terminate from, every one of your calls will always travel across the shortest distance at the lowest latency available.

Disaster Proof

Your phone is the lifeblood of your business. Without it, everything basically grinds to a screeching halt. Nobody understands this more than us. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond what you would normally expect to make our service disaster proof.Cloud based infrastructure, multiple redundant hubs worldwide, a self healing network with sub-second monitoring… none of these things matter unless your corporate culture revolves around uptime. We believe that being disaster proof is not only planning for the possible events of today, but to constantly be in a state of evolution anticipating the possible events of tomorrow. Every day we go further and try harder than everyone else to ensure that your phone service is always there when you need it. This has resulted in 0 downtime since the inception of the OFFICErING network. Something we’re not only proud of, but work fiercely to maintain.

Connected to the largest carriers

Being connected to multiple carriers and service providers is just not enough these days. It’s all about who your connected to. At RateTel, we’re very selective when it comes to partnering with carriers that share our core beliefs.To us part of delivering quality service is all about who you do business with. That’s why we’ve partnered with carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Level 3, and Sprint. These 4 companies make up more than 80% of all the capacity available on the internet in the US. Internationally we’ve partnered with companies like BT, Vodafone, Orange, and Telefonica.