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After running our latest add campaign, we got so busy that we exhausted the number of simultaneous call channels we had ordered. By simply logging into our customer account we were able to order more channels and have them available immediately

Tim J.

New York, NY

Being new to VOIP, we were skeptical about the call quality and reliability that VOIP had to offer. I couldn't believe how much better calls through our OFFICErING service sounded when we compared them to our old traditional phone company

Jennifer T.

Seattle, WA

With our last provider we constantly experienced loss of service, sometimes weekly. Since switching to OFFICErING we've experienced zero downtime and our calls have never sounded better

Skip W.

Miami, FL

With our old VoIP provider, we could never get a live person on the phone. Whenever we call OFFICErING we always get a live person.

Faith L.

Phoenix, AZ

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the savings our business experienced after switching to RateTel!

Terry S.

Dallas, TX

As a small ticketing franchise we see our call volume go up and down depending on which events are happening in our local market. By purchasing RateTel's every call plan, whenever we get real busy, our customers never experience busy signals even though we only have 4 SIP trunks.

Scott D.

Los Angeles, CA

Running multiple real estate offices requires a lot of collaboration among my agents. They're always calling between locations to share leads or help each other out. Before we switched to RateTel, all of these calls were costing us money. Now we enjoy free calls between all our locations.

Jamie K.

Detroit, MI

Since Katrina, the local phone company is always experiencing outages as they are still making repairs to the phone networks here in New Orleans. Luckily our internet service provider hasn't experienced many of these outages. By switching to OFFICErING and using the internet for our phone service, we've experienced less downtime

Sondra G.

New Orleans,LA

When we were shopping for SIP trunking providers, we realized we had many choices. After speaking with the folks at RateTel, I could immediately sense that their customer service was dedicated. Making sure that someone was their to answer our call if we had questions was very important us. Ultimately this was the reason we chose RateTel.”

Simon M.

Denver, CO

When our phone system of 15 years finally bit the dust, we decided to go with a VoIP phone system to replace it. After trying three SIP trunking providers, all of whom failed us in one way or another, we found RateTel. Since we started using them, we've been able to focus on our business instead of worrying about our phone service was working

Frederick A.

New Haven,CT

Our phone bills have never been this low. We got the savings we needed

Stephen V.


Running a small business in today's economy is extremely challenging. Business is down and costs are up. By switching to OFFICErING we were able to save a considerable amount of money on our phone bill.

Jim B

Boise, ID

Running a business with multiple locations makes managing my phone services a nightmare. RateTel's customer portal has made everything simple.

Sharon P.

Boston, MA.