About Us

Our Mission is to provide the most reliable phone service at the best prices while supporting the needs of our customers with integrity and sincerity
OFFICErING was created in 2017 after the merging of these two giants of the Industry. The combination assembled the most advanced telecommunication hardware, software, expert and client service within one company.
Industry-standard quality with 0% downtime guarantees the smoothest communication experience on the market.
Cutting edge technology
All-in-one solution
Data analytics
From its inception, our network has lived in the cloud. It was developed as agile, scalable, and highly redundant. Unlimited computing power, bandwidth, and storage deliver an unrivaled quality service.
Alex Goulis
As a fellow business owner, I understand that stable and innovative communications are the foundation of your business' growth. I've always strived to put myself in the shoes of our customers to identify the current and arising challenges businesses face in an ever-changing economy. Findings ways to make others succeed has been a cornerstone of my business philosophy, and it was this opportunity to serve customers that got me to start OFFICErING.
Alex Goulis
Meet the team
Here are the professionals that will take care of your business communications from now on.
Alexander Goulis
General Manager
Daniel Ruiz
Senior Sales Director
Constantine Efstratiou
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