Reap the rewards of the best network on the market: 4 switching hubs, signal routing, enhanced call efficiency and quality at lower costs are yours with OFFICErING.

Carrier Class IP Network
Our carrier-class tier 1 network provides unparalleled performance when connecting your calls. Having 0% downtime since its inception, you can trust that it will always be there when you need it.
4 Major switching hubs
OFFICErING's award-winning service is anchored by 4 major switching hubs located around the world. These hubs are located on both US coasts, Europe, and Asia. Calls are intelligently routed through the lowest latency routes, guaranteeing the highest call quality available in the industry.
Redundant Cloud architecture
The days of building out networks that take time to scale are a thing of the past. From its inception, our network has lived in the cloud. It was developed from the ground up to leverage the unique features that only the cloud can provide. Agility, scalability, and redundancy, make up the cornerstones of our network. Unlimited computing power, bandwidth, and storage deliver an unrivaled quality of service.
100% uptime, self-healing
Since day one, the OFFICErING network has seen 0 downtime. It's always been available everywhere. Due to its cloud architecture, OFFICErING's network has self-healing ingrained into it's DNA. 24x7x365 sub-second monitoring by our network operations center guarantees that even the smallest anomalies are resolved immediately. We believe that running a network that heals itself before any impact on the customer is one of the most significant advantages that we offer.
Latency optimized routing
With its tier 1 carrier network and aggressive latency based routing, all calls on the OFFICErING network always supersede the industry norms. VoIP is very sensitive to latency. Latency is evident with every hop that data travels. In layman's terms: "the shorter the distance, the higher the quality of a call." At OFFICErING, no matter what your codec, no matter where calls originate or terminate from, every call will travel across the shortest distance at the lowest latency available.
Highest call quality available
Forget about bottlenecks and poor quality of connections. Crystal-clear voices and HD video quality are now available even for those of your clients who live in areas with poor internet connection or even on the other side of the globe with OFFICErING’s latency-optimized routing.
Disaster Proof
Your phone is the lifeblood of your business. Nobody understands this more than us. That's why we've gone above and beyond to make our service disaster-proof, utilizing a Cloud-based infrastructure, multiple redundant hubs worldwide, a self-healing network with sub-second monitoring. We believe that disaster-proof is not just planning for the possible events of today but to evolve for future issues. This has resulted in 0 downtime since the inception of our network. Something we're not only proud of, but work fiercely to maintain.
Connected to the largest carriers
Being connected to multiple carriers and service providers is just not enough these days. It's all about who you're connected to. At OFFICErING, we're very selective when it comes to partnering. Delivering quality service is all about who you do business with. That's why we've partnered with carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Level 3, and Sprint. These 4 companies make up more than 80% of all the capacity available on the internet in the US.
Network Status
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