VoIP systems built to fit the specific demands and requirements of large organizations.

Enterprise Solutions
Features designed specifically for enterprise use such as advanced call routing, call analytics, and mobile phone clients.
OfficeRing brings access to the workspace. Similar to the experience of being at the actual office. Our solutions are custom tailored for remote working, monitoring and managing your business.
Maintain your Productivity Levels during an Emergency:
We are ready to provide advanced communications services, even in emergencies. The decentralized structure of the OfficeRing system allows its clients to enjoy the full range of business features offered in the office. Our cloud solution maintains continuity and function of all communication systems. Despite geographical remoteness and isolation. Our clients can choose from a variety of services, phone systems and call center features.
Stay Available from Anywhere
OfficeRing’s communication solutions allow users to be available from anywhere in the world, anytime. Your business will always available for its customers. This is especially useful during such times when every call is vital. Officering solutions are available anywhere, from any computer or mobile device.
UYOD - Use your own device
Officering offers a variety of services on any device, including the employee's cellular or laptop or home PC. Which allows the organization to maintain business flow in a secure environment. The solution maintains the continuity of many features such as call recording, compliance, secure data, call detection and many other features. All without the need to purchase another device or the employee to be burdened with multiple devices.
Remote Monitoring and Management:
Remote monitoring and management allow the organization to maintain the functioning of systems and business processes, despite the geographical dispersion of users. Everything is in one place.

The IT manager, customer support, sales teams — everyone uses a single system. Therefore you are able to get all the data from remote workers.
Best Enterprise features
Intelligent Call Queues
Route every client to the most applicable agent to increase quality assurance and efficiency.
Caller ID Localizer
Automatically adapts the caller id number of matching the local region of the client.
Call Recording
Record and store all of your calls in the cloud.
Advanced Call Queue Handling
Advanced call queueing based on both the agent’s and caller's data
Hot Desking
Make any phone yours with this advanced feature. Just sign in into any phone with your ID and get access to all your data instantly.
Live Monitoring and Coaching
Listen to any call in real-time. Help employees learn the best telecommunication techniques.
Plans and Pricing
Perfect for Small Business
per month
Advanced Voicemail
HD Video and Voice
Call Parking
Ring/Hunt Groups
Keep your existing number
Auto Attendant
Unlimited Calling
Free Implementation
Perfect for Mid-Level Business
per month
All “Basic” features
and Bonus plus:
Intelligent Call Queues
Call Recording
Conference Bridges
Live Monitoring and Coaching
Perfect for Large Buisness
per month
All “Pro” features
and Bonus plus:
Caller ID Localizer
Advanced Call Queue Handling
Hot Desking
Real-Time Analytics
CRM Integrations
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Houston Phone System Benefits

Here are some reasons why you should choose OfficeRing as your phone system provider:
We're Local
Our office is located in Houston. We are happy to come to your place to help with any issues or just to have some coffee.
Simple management
Keep all your processes within one system - Simple monitoring and control over your business phone systems.
Disaster Proof
With 100% uptime, your Houston phone system will work even without an internet connection or power supply.
Free Consultation
Leave us the contacts so we can discuss how your business will benefit most from using VOIP