Call recordings & 12 months archive

Call recordings are stored in the Cloud, for quick retrieval and download as an MP3 file. Used as a training tool, as well as documentation of remote transactions and conflict resolution.

Recordings Storage and Archive

The corporate call archive is managed and stored in our Telecommunication Cloud for three months (extension is optional) and includes direct access to audio files from any PC or smartphone, according to corporate access permissions. 

  • No tech or operational skills required – can be done by anyone!
  • Manage permissions and screen out
  • Unauthorized users
  • Always-available downloadable recordings
  • Integration with CRM automatically files the recording into the customer's account.
Locate and Retrieve Recordings

All call recordings are available at all times, and as files are converted to MP3 format to save on storage (if you download or save it), they can be easily played on any PC or smartphone.   

The full, direct link to the file is automatically updated in the CPanel interface, and can be located using an intuitive search, with filters like extension numbers, days/hours, departments and more.

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