Click2Call API

OfficeRing Softphone on every computer (laptop/desktop) provides a complete telephone user experience, with a Dashboard display of performance.4

How does it work

Executing and receiving calls through a Softphone software allows you to handle all of your communication actions in one centralized device, so you remain focused on keeping a professional attitude, and minimizing the hassle of dealing with multiple different devices.

Desktop extension of your stationary office phone keeps you attainable whenever, even if you're physicaly out of the office (for business meetings, conferences etc.).

Dashboard statistics overview allows the end-user to amend & adjust actions according to the real time information of their performance, at all times!

Why do you need it

Self-informed representatives means (almost) effortless daily management.

And when you are not occupied with urging on taking more calls, or counting breaks – you can easily focus on analyzing and enhancing quality KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

Enjoy everything you already know, all combined in the desktop softphone extension

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