Overburst Channels

With OFFICErING, you are not limited to the number of channels in your package. You can always add metered channels on request to fulfill your business needs. 

100% of calls will reach your office

Our packages are flexible enough to add metered or channels when you need them. For example, you start getting more calls, but not enough to justify additional unmetered lines. Simply add a metered one. Save costs and prevent calls from being lost.

Latency-optimized network

Latency is the most significant issue in a modern phone system. Finding a balance between speed, quality and price is a challenging task for VOIP companies. OFFICErING's call routing algorithms use the most innovative technologies to get the best quality and ZERO latency while maintaining cost-efficiency.

Disaster proof technology

OfficeRing's infrastructure spans across the US. This creates our disaster-proof solution. Even if one of the hubs goes out of service, there remain 3 of them. And it's almost impossible that something will happen to all of them simultaneously. So your phone system will work even if you don't have internet or power supply.

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