PBX Integration

Connect your current phone system to the cloud. Get all the fantastic VOIP features and save money without changing any piece of hardware. 

Use your current hardware.

Just keep the phone system you have right now and connect it to the cloud with OFFICErING's sip-trunking. No need to spend money on hardware updates or installing new stuff. Just connect to the cloud and start enjoying all the benefits.

Make an oldie seam like a new one

Prevent hardware from slowing down your business continuity. Our phone line packages will update your infrastructure without touching the equipment itself. It's like putting the most up to date features into the phone system you already have. 

Supported phone systems

Here's a list of phone systems that are compatible with OfficreRing's sip-trunking. - AT&T - CenturyLink - Cox, Frontier - Spectrum, Verizon - Xfinity And a may more. Just call us for more details.

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Please take a look at our pricing to determine the most suitable option for your business. Remember that the opportunity to add new features or change plans is available for you 24/7.
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