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Put your business phone system in the cloud! Using VoIP, we connect your calls over the Internet. You'll still enjoy all the features of a traditional phone system with additional benefits, including a reliable, disaster-proof setup that keeps working even when your Internet and power aren't.
Phone status monitoring | Presence
When users are granted the ability to see when callers are on or off the phone in real-time, your business immediately starts saving time routing call...
Send and receive any document type from anywhere with your PC, tablet or cell phone.
Intelligent Call Queues
Route every client to the most applicable agent to increase quality assurance and efficiency.
Caller ID Localizer
Automatically adapts the caller id number of matching the local region of the client.
Call Recording
Record and store all of your calls in the cloud.
Advanced Call Queue Handling
Advanced call queueing based on both the agent’s and caller's data
Find me/Follow me
When you provide your employees the ability to see when other team members are on or off the phone in realtime, your business immediately starts savin...
Advanced Voicemail Service
Automatically transfer all the voicemail to your email in the form of audio files. Access them from any device.
Hot Desking
Make any phone yours with this advanced feature. Just sign in into any phone with your ID and get access to all your data instantly.
Conference Bridges
Hold meetings with over 200 callers at the same time.
Dial by name directory
Dial by name directory automatically routes calls to their intended personnel.
Call Parking
Call Parking placest calls on hold and allows you to pick them up from any other phone in the network.
Ring/Hunt Groups
Distribute calls to groups of people in your organization by ringing members all at once or in a custom preferred order.
Keep your existing number
Bring your existing phone numbers from any current provider. Even toll-free numbers.
Auto Attendant
Greet your callers with a professional quality voice menu that efficiently routes them to the correct department.
Unlimited Calling
Stop spreading your budget thin. Make as many calls across the US as you need with our transparent Unlimited Calling package!
Unlimited Calling
Metered Calling
Support Setup
Live Monitoring and Coaching
Listen to any call in real-time. Help employees learn the best telecommunication techniques.
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We are especially proud of the client service that we managed to achieve and the connections that we made while working with other companies.
Advanced technology on your side
All the services and plans are powered with the top-notch network infrastructure.
Our carrier-class tier 1 network provides unparalleled performance when connecting your calls. Having 0% downtime since its inception, you can trust that it will always be there when you need it.
OFFICErING's award-winning service is anchored by 4 major switching hubs around the world. Calls are intelligently routed through the lowest latency routes with the highest call quality in the industry.
Sub-second monitoring by our network operations center guarantees that even the smallest anomalies are resolved immediately.
We use latency based routing(LBR) together with list cost routing (LCR). This is the most efficient way to decrease costs without sacrificing call quality.
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