Auto Attendant

Greet your callers with a professional quality voice menu that efficiently routes them to the correct department, because who now has the time to wait on frustrating hold?  

How does it work?

Callers will be greeted with your business’ recorded voice menu first. Providing them with customizable information such as your hours of operation, physical address or web address has now become completely automated. Callers can get routed to the right department or person with a press of a button.

Why do You need it?

Here are just a few reasons your business needs an Auto-Attendant

  • Reclaim valuable time wasted by manually routing calls
  • Increase quality assurance by instantly routing calls and nearly eliminating hold times
  • Inform callers about new products and services with custom greetings and messages
  • Custom greetings during holidays or any special occasions
Usage Scenario

Marketing campaigns and daily activity can produce fluctuations in call volumes, quickly overwhelming an understaffed call desk. End the frustrations of callers being placed on hold who just need to be transferred to a particular department. OFFICErING’s Auto-Attendant would get callers to the right department automatically.

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