Call Parking

Call Parking places calls on hold and allows you to pick them up from any other phone in the network. When callers need to connect with employees that are not always at their desk, they can experience long wait times. Parking calls allows employees to pick up calls from anywhere in the office, virtually guaranteeing optimization of any and all wait times.

How does it work?

When a call is parked, it is assigned a custom extension. At this point any phone can dial this extension and retrieve the call. Call Park settings can be set to automatically send the caller back to the original phone or any destination of your choice after a specified amount of time has expired.

Why do You need it?

Call Parking allows calls to be picked up anywhere in the office. When it gets busy, clients placed on hold can become frustrated. Creating the potential of callers giving up before you can get back to them. Call Parking guarantees that after a defined amount of time the caller is either sent back to the receptionist or to the next person backing them up.

Usage Scenario

When someone requests information your employees don't have, they need to put them on hold, go retrieve the information and bring it back to their desk, leaving the caller on hold for extended time. Let’s say that your billing department keeps historic information in a different room than the call was answered in. They can simply park the call and retrieve it in that room, cutting down the time customers have to wait dramatically.

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