Conference Bridges

Hold meetings with over 200 callers at the same time. Enjoy amazing features that allow you to both organize and efficiently run your meetings from our intuitive web interface. Invite callers to live conferences while they are happening. Avoid the hassles of connecting calls that go to voicemails.

How does it work?

With OFFICErING's Conference Bridges, you can connect up to 200 team members within a single call. Our conferencing enables video calls, file sharing, private chats and a ton of other useful conferencing features that will enhance your meetings.

Why do You need it?
It's impossible to make your business successful without proper communication within a team. The quality of the conference service is crucial for maximizing the efficiency of the meetings. Get the best sound and video quality with no latency or lags.
Usage Scenario
The 2020's lockdown showed that video conferencing is the future of business meetings. Your employees can work in any office across the world or from home and participate in the meetings. Moreover, CEOs can host the conference at any time and overcome any challenges instantly.
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Please take a look at our pricing to determine the most suitable option for your business. Remember that the opportunity to add new features or change plans is available for you 24/7.
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