Dial by name directory

It's time to give your receptionist a break! Rather than fielding calls that are ultimately destined for others in the office, they can perform other duties while the dial by name directory automatically routes calls to their intended personnel.

How does it work?
After calling your company, people get an option to get to a particular employee. To do it, the one just needs to enter the first 3 letters referring to the first or last name of the required person. This feature works both for the outside calls and calls within the office or offices in different locations.
Why do You need it?
Dial by name directory help to decrease the load of the specific department. The calls would be distributed more precisely and accurately across the team. Finally, this feature simplifies communication across the teams located in different locations.
Usage Scenario
A manager from office A gets the client request, which was initiated by the manager from office B, located in a different state. Employees can easily connect and pass all the client info by calling each other by the name directory mentioned in the client's profile.
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