Send and receive any document type from anywhere with your PC, tablet or cell phone. eFax uses the cloud to send and receive all your documents via email. Forget about big and noisy machines and loads of paper.

How does it work?

With OfficeRing’s eFax, you can send and receive your documents by email. Document are not limited to PDF. We can send all types of docs: Spreadsheets PowerPoints, images etc.

Why do You need it?

eFax makes document sharing much more efficient and cost effective. Every business needs to share a significant amount of documents across offices and departments. OfficeRing’s eFax saves the costs and hassles of outdated faxing hardware.

Usage Scenario

Using efax, sharing and signing process can be done with our app or by email. Employees located anywhere in the world are able to sign any documents physically and return them quickly and easily. 

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