Hot Desking

Make any phone yours with this advanced feature. Just sign in into any phone with your ID and get access to all your data instantly.

How does it work?
Officering offers a feature that allows employees to work from any phone desk that's the most suitable. They can access call logs, call recordings and their private mail from any phone or compute by using their ID to sing in. All the information will be deployed to the device automatically from the cloud.
Why do You need it?
Hot desking provides the ultimate flexibility for the employees and makes open space management effortless. Your workers can work from anywhere they want, or even stay home and have access to all the call information they need. On the other hand, a business doesn't have to reserve phones and workplaces for specific employees. This saves up to 30% on equipment and management.
Usage example

It's a common practice to have day and night shifts at a call center. Callers expect that they can get support 24/7. You can have a specific amount of phones and workplaces that can be easily switched between multiple users with OFFICErING's hot desking. Therefore, the seamless configuration of employees and workplaces is possible and extremely simple to organize.

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