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When users are granted the ability to see when callers are on or off the phone in real-time, your business immediately starts saving time routing calls. Rather than placing callers on hold to find out if someone is available, sales representatives can make informed decisions on what to do with them.

How does it work?
Every phone can be assigned with "available," "on-call," "on a meeting," or "absent" status. Phone status monitoring enables your managers to know if the person they are going to redirect a call is available at the moment.
Why do You need it?
OfficeRing's Phone status monitoring prevents the calls from being distributed towards the phones that are unavailable at the moment. Therefore, less abandoned calls, more customer satisfaction and profit for your business.
Usage Scenario
Besides communication with clients, Phone Presence enhances the cooperation of your team. For example, when someone needs a senior manager, they can just check their phone status. In case the manager is on a call, you can send them a message request to meet afterward.
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