Ring/Hunt Groups

A hunt group is a set of extension numbers that are embedded inside a single virtual extension. Incoming calls are rotated through the pool of extensions until a caller is connected. With Ring/Hunt groups, OFFICErING will distribute calls to people in your organization by ringing a group all at once or in a custom order. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that callers will be automatically routed to the next available agent. 

How does it work?
Ring/Hunt Groups automatically distribute calls to groups of employees all at once or in a specified order. Works with softphones and/or cell phones, allowing calls to be answered from anywhere. You can also add unique ringers and prefixes to caller ID to help employees recognize what type of call it is.
Why do You need it?
The quicker you can answer the call, the higher the customer satisfaction. Intelligently distributing calls between groups of your employees guaranties lower wait times for your customers. Worried about callers going to voicemail on cell phones? Our intelligent routing engine always ensures it's a human answering the call.
Usage Scenario

Ring/Hunt groups distribute incoming calls among employees. This is a great way for a business to efficiently distribute calls within specific departments such as Sales, Customer Support and Accounting. OFFICErINGcan also route calls in a specific order. We recommend routing incoming calls to the strongest employees first.

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